Care and Management of the Late Preterm Infant Toolkit (rev. February 2013)

Care and Management of the Late Preterm Infant Toolkit


updated February 2013


  1. 1.  Section I:  Care Planning, Evaluation and Education for the Late Preterm Infant
  2. (109 KB Microsoft Word Document)


  1. 2.  Section II: The Late Preterm Infant:  At Risk for Sepsis (218.3 KB PDF document)


   3.   Section III:  Respiratory Compromise of the Late Preterm Infant (262.1 KB PDF document)

 4.  Section IV: The Late Preterm Infant:  Nutrition (208.2 KB PDF document)

 5.  Appendices Table of Contents (51.8 KB PDF document)


A.   Consultation, Transfer and/or Referral for Higher Level of Care Guidelines (20 KB Microsoft Word Document)


B.    Discharge Assessment, Preparation and Parent Education Guide


a.     Example 1 (27 KB Microsoft Excel Document)

b.     Example 2 (42.5 KB Microsoft Word Document)


C.    Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine Protocol #10 2006 – Breastfeeding the near-term infant (35 to 37 weeks gestation (86.2 KB PDF document)


D.   (68.6 KB PDF document)Silverman-Anderson Scoring Tool  - (68.6 KB PDF document)


E.    Richardson Scoring Tool (390.6 KB PDF document)



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