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Ten Point Nine Workgroup


Over half of CPQCC member NICUs have an average daily census (ADC) of 10.9 or less. These smaller NICUs face distinct circumstances and needs that differ from larger academic centers. In 2020, CPQCC launched the Ten Point Nine Workgroup with the explicit goal of engaging with this group of NICUs, which have typically faced constraints to participating in CPQCC's quality improvement activities

The Ten Point Nine Workgroup's goal is to foster an environment of collaboration among NICUs with an average daily census (ADC) ≤ 10.9 to address the unique needs facing these units. This may include data items, reports, and quality improvement projects that focus on the lower acuity babies that make up a greater proportion of these NICU's caseload. 

The Ten Point Nine Workgroup is co-chaired by Dr. Sudha Rani Narasimhan (O'Connor Hospital) and Dr. Rohit Passi (Kaiser Permanente South Bay Medical Center) and is supported by Dr. Guadalupe Padilla (Harbor UCLA Medical Center), a member of PQIP and the QI Infrastructure Committee

The workgroup focuses on three major areas:

1. Data/Reports

  • Reviewing and improving data collection variables and reports to make the CPQCC Reports site more useful to NICUs with an ADC ≤ 10.9

2. Quality Improvement

  • Guiding the selection of quality improvement projects that specifically address the challenges of NICUs with an ADC ≤ 10.9.  In 2021, CPQCC launched the GAIN: Ten Point Nine Collaborative based on direct feedback from the Ten Point Nine Workgroup. 
  • Suggesting and helping to develop and promote toolkits and guidelines that utilize the best available evidence to address issues of particular concern to NICUs with an ADC ≤ 10.9

3. Advocacy and Education

  • Looking for opportunities to advocate for NICUs with an ADC ≤ 10.9
  • Providing educational opportunities specific to NICUs with an ADC ≤ 10.9. In 2022, the workgroup launched Ten Point Nine Talks, a virtual lecture series designed specifically for NICUs with a lower average daily census. 

The Ten Point Nine QI Team Award

The Ten Point Nine QI Team Award honors a NICU team that has made significant contributions to quality improvement within their unit. The winner of the Ten Point Nine QI Team Award will receive a plaque to commemorate receiving this honor and a scholarship to attend CPQCC's Improvement Palooza. Read more about the Ten Point Nine QI Team Award and CPQCC's other quality improvement awards here>>

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