Delayed Cord Clamping Project (DCCP): Data and Implementation

Recent meta-analysis has shown that DELAYED CORD CLAMPING (DCC) in preterm infants is associated with less need for blood transfusion, reduced risk of intraventricular hemorrhage (IVH), necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). Randomized clinical trials have shown other benefits of DCC in preterm infants including improved cardiovascular stability, cerebral oxygenation, and lower risks for both severe IVH and late onset sepsis (LOS).  Delayed Cord Clamping up to 1 minute has been recommended by WHO, NRP and ACOG in preterm infants.


Resources for DCCP Data Collection:

Delayed Cord Clamping TIP SHEET

DCCP Manual of Definitions

SCVMC Delayed Cord Clamping Guidelines

HPMC Delayed Cord Clamping Guidelines

LAC/USC Delayed Cord Clamping Data Collection Form

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center - Delayed Cord Clamping VIDEO


Webinar Videos

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DCCP Recording 8.18.17 (Forward to the 30:28 mark)

DCCP Recording 11.17.17

DCCP Recording 2.23.18

DCCP Recording 9.14.18

2016-2017 DCC Video pt.1 (ARCHIVED)

2016-2017 DCC Video pt. 2 (ARCHIVED)


Presentation Slides

DCCP Webinar 8.18.17 Presentations 

DCCP Webinar 11.17.17 Presentations

DCCP Webinar 2.23.18 Presentations

DCCP Webinar 9.14.18 Presentations 

2016 - 2017 DCC Presentation Slides  (ARCHIVED)


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If your center is interested in joining the Delayed Cord Clamping Data and Implementation Project please contact janella@stanford.eduIf you have feedback or questions please contact Dr. Henry Lee at 650-725-8046 and

Please contact Dr. Priya Jegatheesan at for questions on collecting the DCC variables through EHR.