Collecting data takes time and effort and you may find yourself wondering
“What’s the point of all this data?”
Please join us for a quarterly CPQCC Data in Action webinars to hear how your data drives NICU care and quality improvement across California and the nation.CPQCC is launching the Quarterly Data Training Webinars!

These webinars will feature CPQCC Investigators who will present various topics using the on-line CPQCC Reports (www.cpqccreport.org) and HRIF Reports (www.ccshrif.org).  

Our aim is to improve understanding of CPQCC and HRIF as a source of performance information for quality improvement.

Please see the the upcoming webinar dates below:


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High Risk Infant Follow Up


To watch the recorded webinars please download and install video player here

2016 - 2017 Quarterly Data Training Webinars (Archived)

Burnout and Safety Culture in the NICU - click HERE for recording