Data Management Award Types & Certificates

Click the Award Winners link to download the Data Management certificate.

  HRIF Super Star - Award Winners 2018: A-K and L-V

Submit items 1 through 4 on the HRIF Closeout Checklist by April 1st.

  CPQCC (NICU) Super Star - Award Winners 2017

Submit items 2 through 8 on the Close-out Check list submitted before March 15th. 

  HRIF Follow-up Rate - Award Winners 2018

Core Visit Follow-up Rates for the closing birth Year: 1st Visit => 80%, 2nd Visit => 70% and 3rd Visit => 60% on April 2nd.

  CPQCC (NICU) All-Star - Award Winners 2017

Achieve the April 1st Superstar Award, the June 2nd Early Bird Award AND submits all June 1st dleiverables by May 15th.

  CPQCC (NICU) Early Bird  - Award Winners 2017

Submit item 14 on the Close-out Checklist (CCS Report confirmation) on June 2nd.

  CPQCC (NICU) Crown - Award Winners 2017

Submit all deliverables by the designated deadlines: April 1st, June 1st, and June 7th

  HRIF Crown - Award Winners 2018

Submit all deliverables by the designated deadlines: May 1st, May 17th and July 1st

  CPQCC (NICU) Surprise - Award Winners (100% HRIF Registration) 2015

           Recognized for a random positive performance aspect.

  HRIF Surprise Data - Award Winners

For referring 100% of discharged to home eligible VLBW infants to a HRIF Program for three continuous years (2014, 2015, and 2016).