CPQCC values collaboration by building community through the active participation of its various stakeholders – the CPQCC leadership, our membership, our collaborative partners and our staff.  We recognize that the quality of our work is a reflection of the collaborative relationships that we nurture with each other.


Jeffrey B. Gould, MD, MPH Principal Investigator, CPQCC  
Susan R. Hintz, MD, MS Epi Co-Principal Investigator, HRIF-QCI  
Henry C. Lee, MD, MS Director of Research, CPQCC  
Jochen Profit, MD, MPH Director of Perinatal Systems Research, CPQCC
Rebecca Robinson Administrative Director, CPQCC
Paul Sharek, MD, MPH, FAAP Director of Quality Improvement, CPQCC
Grace Villarin Dueñas, MPH Associate Director, CPQCC    


Mihoko Bennett, PhD
Biostatistician, CPQCC
Janine Bergin Research Assistant, CPQCC Reseach     
Anjali Chowfla, MPA Communications Manager, CPQCC    
Fulani Davis
Program Manager, CPQCC Data Center
Erika Gray, BA Program Manager, HRIF-QCI    
Alexandria Kristensen-Cabrera Research Coordinator, CPQCC Research    
Jessica Bonnie Liu, PhD Biostatistician, CPQCC    
Sanary Lou
Program Manager, CPQCC Perinatal Systems Research
Tianyao Lu, MPH Biostatistician, CPQCC    
Courtney Nisbet, RN, MS Program Manager, CPQCC Quality Improvement    
Janella Parucha Program Manager, CPQCC Data Center    
Carolyn Pham Program Coordinator, CPQCC Data Center    
Lillian Sie, MPH 
Program Manager, CPQCC Research
Renee Triolo Program Assistant, CPQCC    
Xin Cui Biostatistician, CPQCC