HRIF Executive Committee

The HRIF Executive Committee consists of a network of stakeholders consisting of public and private CCS approved HRIF Program representatives, neonatologists, developmental pediatricians, State CCS leadership, and CCS TAC members. The committee meets regularly to provide oversight and consultation, debate, review, prioritize and plan the direction in which the HRIF-QCI program moves. Such dialogue assures continued success within all project components.

Jeffrey Gould, MD, MPH

Principal Investigator, CPQCC

Susan Hintz, M.D., M.S. Epi 

Co-Principal Investigator, HRIF-QCI

Dianne “Dini” Baker, RN, MSN

HRIF Program Representative

Charlene Canger, MSW, LCSW, MFT 

Regional Perinatal, Social Worker Consultant

Anne DeBattista, PhD, C-PNP, C-PMHS

HRIF Program Representative

Grace Villarin Dueñas, MPH

Associate Director, CPQCC

Alex Espinoza, MD

HRIF Program Representative


Erika Gray, BA

Maria A. L. Jocson, MD, MPH, FAAP

Program Manager, HRIF-QCI

Public Health Medical Officer, California Department of Health Care Services, Integrated Systems of Care Division

Ryan H. Kotton, MD

HRIF Medical Director, CSMC

Eileen Loh, BS, MS

Software Engineer, SCCI

Rupalee “Palee” Patel, RN, BSN

HRIF Infant Coordinator, SCVMC

Robert Piecuch, MD

CCS TAC, Northern California

Rebecca Robinson

Administrative Director, CPQCC

Elizabeth Rogers, MD

Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics Director, UCSF

Mary Beth Steinfeld, MD

Developmental Pediatrician, UCDHS – Mind Institute

Brian Tang, MD

Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics

Susan C. Weber, PhD

Director, Informatics Systems Development