Research Committee

Function & Responsibilities

Initiate and implement research projects particularly focused on quality improvement topics and initiatives.

2015 Committee Goals

  • PDA Studies
  • Publish: IVH, Platelets and Indomethacin.  Relationship between pre-treatment platelet count and subsequent clinical effects and morbidities.
  • Complete study of Hospital level analysis of "aggressiveness" of PDA management style
  • DR Management Collaborative Studies
  • Publish: Reduction of BPD in the Collaborative compared to NICU QI and Non-participant groups
  • Publish: Sustainability after 1 year (data available 6.2015)
  • Nosocomial infection co-morbidities study. 
  • Complete study: Correlation of reduction in NI with other comorbidities in CPQCC centers participating in CPQCC NI collaboratives
  • LOS Collaborative Study
  • Publish: Prospective Cohort study: Collaborative vs. NICU 2.0 vs. Non-participants 


Kurlen Payton, MD – Cedars Sinai Medical Center - CHAIR
Courtney Nisbet, RN, MS – CPQCC 
Lisa Bain, MD – Stanford University
Beate Danielsen, PhD – Health Information Solutions 
Mihoko Bennett, PhD – CPQCC
Grace Villarin Dueñas, MPH – CPQCC 
Ian Griffin, MD – UC David Medical Center
Jae Kim, MD, PhD – UC San Diego
Henry Lee, MD, MS – Stanford University
Dan Murphy, MD – Harbor UCLA/Children’s Hospital Orange County
Dick Powers, MD – Good Samaritan Hospital
Jochen Profit, MD, MPH – Stanford University