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Data Trainings

Annual Training and Networking Event

CPQCC holds annual data training and networking events to provide member hospitals with an opportunity to learn about changes to the NICU, CPeTS, and HRIF data sets for the upcoming year, to network with other hospital teams, and to hear updates on quality improvement and research opportunities available to them as part of their membership.

The data training sessions are a full day commitment and are held three times each year, once in Northern California and twice in Southern California. We strongly encourage all of our member hospitals to send their NICU and transport data collection teams and HRIF Coordinators to at least one of the sessions. Attendees are eligible for 4 hours of continuing education credits.

There are no scheduled trainings at this time. Information on upcoming trainings will be posted when available.

Past Events

2020 Data Trainings

The 2020 Data Training Sessions are an opportunity for data teams to learn about changes to the NICU, transport, and HRIF data sets for the upcoming 2020 birth year, to ask questions of CPQCC staff, and to network with teams from other member hospitals. The one-day training is intended to assist data teams in understanding and being able to use all available tools and resources for abstracting and entering data into CPQCC’s NICU and HRIF Databases and to be able to use their data for quality improvement. Attendees are eligible for 4 hours of continuing education credits. Training sessions... Read more

Training Materials

Data in Action Webinars

Collecting data takes time and effort and you may find yourself wondering “what’s the point of all of this data?”. Our Data in Action webinars are designed to showcase the quality improvement and research activities that are made possible as a result of this data. Webinars are held quarterly.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

CPQCC launched a delivery room oxygen data collection pilot in January 2020 to examine the ideal initial oxygen concentration levels for preterm...

Past Webinars

January 2020

CPQCC has recently launched a pilot project to collect data on oxygen... Read more

June 2019

Listen to this webinar about CPQCC's new Maternal Substance Exposure Data Collection Pilot Project.  Substance exposure among pregnant women is on... Read more

April 2019

CPQCC hosted a webinar featuring the CCS HRIF Program Director, Dr. Maria Jocson, on pressing questions affecting HRIF Clinics across California such... Read more