Grow, Babies, Grow!

Despite current intensive care, 38% of very low birth weight babies across California are leaving the NICU having fallen one full standard deviation or more from their initial birth weight parameters, compromising their future growth and neurodevelopmental potential later in childhood. This rate only increases for the most vulnerable infants, with more than half of babies born at less than 1,000 grams experiencing this same sub-optimal growth.

In September 2018, CPQCC will launch Grow, Babies, Grow! our 6th IHI-style QI Collaborative aimed at helping NICUs optimize growth and nutrition of VLBW infants, with the goal of reducing growth failure at discharge. 



Grow, Babies, Grow! is a 12-month QI Collaborative scheduled for September 2018-August 2019, followed by a 6-month sustainability phase from September 2019-March 2020.


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