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Improving Improvement

May 13, 2019

CPQCC’s Perinatal Quality Improvement Panel (PQIP) has been hard at work over the last several months, with several subcommittees actively engaged in developing new features designed to strengthen quality improvement support to member hospitals and to extend our reach to previously underserved NICUs. 

PQIP’s Data Interface and Opportunities Committee (DIOC) is working to improve report offerings for all member hospitals, with a specific focus on small community hospitals. The improved reports would be better tailored to different hospital needs and allow for more targeted quality improvement. DIOC will pilot the new reports with a small group of hospitals before rolling them out to everyone. More information on new reports will be shared once available.

The QI Infrastructure Committee is developing a new model of quality improvement support for smaller NICUs and hospitals that have not previously participated in CPQCC’s traditional QI collaboratives. The new model will be less intensive than the collaborative model but will still include access to quality improvement and content experts who will guide hospitals to improve outcomes in the chosen topic area. As with the new reports, the model will be pilot tested with a small number of hospitals before it is formally launched to the rest of the membership.