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Committee Oversight

In the spirit of continuous quality improvement, CPQCC regularly considers updates to data items in the NICU and transport data sets.  Changes to the data sets bring benefits (for example, better alignment with new standards of care, easier data entry) as well as drawbacks (data contact training needed, disrupting the data set so comparisons are harder).  Therefore, all changes (adding items, deleting items, or redefining items) must be carefully scrutinized for their usefulness and impact.

Two committees meet together annually to consider and decide on changes to the NICU Database:

  • The Data Committee, made up of NICU clinicians and other stakeholders, reviews the changes from a QI perspective.
  • The Data Committee Advisory Group (DCAG), consisting of Data Contacts from member hospitals, considers suggested changes from the point of view of the people who are collecting and entering the data.

Membership in both groups is voluntary, underscoring the commitment of this diverse group of people to ensuring high quality neonatal care across California.

Interested in learning about how the NICU Database is updated to include changes suggested by these two groups? Check out our FAQs page.

Perinatal Advisor NICU/OB
Regional Physician Coordinator of Neonatology
Clinical Professor of Pediatrics (Stanford) and NICU Medical Director (Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital)
Professor of Pediatrics
NICU Clinical Nurse Specialist
Clinical Data Coordinator