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Maternal Exposures Data Collection

Opioids are commonly cited as the primary substance of abuse for pregnant women. Yet, there is limited information on the treatment and outcomes of mothers and newborns that have been exposed.

In Spring 2019, CPQCC will launch a maternal exposures data collection pilot to improve understanding of this critical public health issue.  By collecting data on all maternal drug exposures (including but not limited to opioids), we aim to improve healthcare for exposed newborns by focusing on treatment and length of stay in the hospital. CPQCC's deep experience collecting data from hospitals statewide and our partnership with the community of California neonatologists committed to improving quality of care, make us uniquely positioned to collect data about the outcome of infants that have been exposed to drugs in utero.

Data collection on maternal exposures is overseen by our Maternal Exposures Workgroup which is comprised of member hospitals who are passionate about this topic. The workgroup is led by co-chairs Robert Castro, Lisa Chyi, and Angela Huang

Data Collection...

  • Will be open to all CPQCC members but participation is voluntary
  • Will be NICU focused but will not be limited to the NICU (in other words, data may also be collected on babies in the Well Baby Nursery who have been exposed to drugs in utero)
  • Will be housed on the NICU Data site


  • Supporting materials and additional resources will be posted on this page in the spring of 2019