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Measuring Family-Centered Care in the NICU

Our work on disparities in the NICU has revealed considerable gaps in family-centered care. To address these gaps, CPQCC is partnering with NICU families to pilot test measures of family-centered care in the NICU. Improving family-centered care through measurement and feedback will ensure that NICU families, including the most marginalized, are better supported in caring for their infant.

CPQCC has engaged a national panel of experts and family representatives in a Delphi experiment to identify the following key measures of family-centered care. These measures were designed to be extracted primarily from the electronic health record to reduce the measurement burden. Measures being pilot tested include:

  • Days from NICU admission to first skin-to-skin care
  • Days from NICU admission to first social worker contact
  • Hours from birth to priming with oral colostrum

For more information, listen to:

If your NICU is interested in pilot testing these measures, please contact Ravi Dhurjati, MS, Ph.D or submit a help ticket