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Ashley Randolph

NICU Parent, Chair of "Within the NICU" Health Equity Subcommittee

Mrs. Randolph is the Founder of Glo Preemies and Co-Founder of the Alliance for Black NICU Families. She is also an accomplished author and speaker and was named Mrs. America Virtuous Woman of 2021. Mrs. Randolph, a NICU parent, is passionate about advancing equity for NICU families of color. 

Mrs. Randolph has had a long-standing relationship with CPQCC, providing her critical insight into a wide range of projects. In 2018, she co-authored CPQCC’s Health Equity Tip Sheet, which outlines ten strategies for promoting a more equitable and inclusive NICU environment. Mrs. Randolph also played a critical role in planning a family-centered panel for CPQCC’s Improvement Palooza 2021, which focused on advancing anti-racism in the NICU through teamwork and family-centeredness.

She began her two-year term as Chair of the "Within the NICU" Subcommittee of the Health Equity Taskforce in January 2022.