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Chandra Warfield

HRIF Case Manager

Education: RN, MSN

Chandra has been a nurse for over 30 years. She has been involved in the NICU, Pediatrics and maternal-child health for the majority of her nursing career. Chandra started her nursing career in high school in a Practical Nursing (LPN) class in her senior year.  She obtained my ADN (RN) and decided to further my education with a BSN and MSN. After years of working as a NICU nurse,  Chandra decided to try case management. Being an HRIF case manager/coordinator is the perfect fit for me as she found the days and months in the NICU stressful and taxing on her family. Chandra enjoys helping families after a NICU discharge navigate the healthcare system and partnering with the family in the care of their precious infant. Knowing that she can assist in making changes in the way medical care is provided in the NICU, by following NICU graduates until 3 years of age and submitted data, is what motivates Chandra professionally.