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Yvonne Kazmer

High Risk Infant Follow-up Coordinator/Case Manager

Organization: Kaiser Permanente (KP) Panorama City Medical Center
Education: RN, BSN, PHN, CPN

Yvonne Kazmer is the High Risk Infant Follow-up Coordinator/Case Manager at the Kaiser Permanente (KP) Panorama City Medical Center. Yvonne is responsible for the follow-up and coordination of services for eligible NICU members and their families, as well as data collection and reporting to CPQCC and KP Panorama City’s Leadership. Her favorite thing about her job is being part of a multidisciplinary team providing continuity of care and parent education to our most vulnerable members, as well as, facilitating data collection and reporting as part of the quality improvement process. What motivates Yvonne professionally is the chance to make an impact. It is important for her to be part of something bigger than just herself. In 2016, she transferred to KP Panorama City as the High Risk Infant Follow-up Coordinator. Prior to her transfer, she was a quality coordinator at KP Woodland Hills supporting the maternal child area for 16 years. Yvonne also works Per Diem at Valley Presbyterian Hospital in PICU/Peds/NICU since 2006. Yvonne has a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from Mount St. Mary’s College, certifications as a Public Health Nurse (PHN) and Pediatric Nurse (CPN).