High Risk Infant Follow-up

Children's Medical Services (CMS) Branch/California Children's Services (CCS) Program has worked with the CCS/California Perinatal Quality Care Collaborative (CPQCC) High Risk Infant Follow-up (HRIF) Quality of Care Initiative (QCI) to develop a web-based HRIF Reporting System to collect data for the CCS HRIF Program. The Reporting System will be able to identify quality improvement opportunities for NICUs in the reduction of long term morbidity; allow programs to compare their activities with all sites throughout the state; allow the state to assess site-specific successes; and support real-time case management. The system, collecting data on high risk infants up to their third birthday, enrolled in the CCS HRIF Program, will add value to the current CPQCC data already collected.

The California Children's Services (CCS) HRIF program was established to identify infants who might develop CCS-eligible conditions after discharge from a CCS-approved Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). CCS Program standards require that each CCS-approved NICU ensure the follow-up of discharged high risk infants and that each NICU shall either have an organized program or a written agreement for provision of these services by another CCS-approved NICU.

CCS HRIF Program

Policy and information for the California Department of Health Care Services, Systems of Care Division, California Children’s Services (CCS) HRIF Program’s medical eligibility criteria, diagnostic services, provider responsibilities, and procedures for billing authorized HRIF services provided to CCS HRIF eligible neonates, infants and children. More

Reporting Requirements 

  • CCS-approved NICUs are responsible for identifying and referring eligible high-risk infants to a CCS HRIF Program for follow-up care.
  • The HRIF Program Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that high-risk infants follow-up data is collected and submitted via the web-based HRIF-QCI Reporting System. More

Reporting System Access 

Need access to submit data for CCS high-risk eligible infants. More

Resource Corner

Download HRIF-QCI Reporting System documentation such as the manual,  reporting forms, presentations, system updates, data finalizations, and resource tools. More

HRIF-QCI Support

For HRIF-QCI Reporting System issues submit a help ticket to HRIF Support at www.cpqcchelp.org.

For CCS HRIF Program policy and procedure issues contact Children's Medical Services (CMS) Branch Staff at hrif@dhcs.ca.gov.