Reporting System Access

To be granted access to the HRIF-QCI Reporting System, please submit a help ticket with the following required information:

  1. Center Name
  2. Does your center provide HRIF services?
  3. Full Name:
  4. Title:
  5. Email Address:
  6. Phone Number:
  7. Computer Public IP Address*
  8. User Account Access (contacts can have multiple accounts):
  • Data User: CCS-approved HRIF Program staff submits all data forms: Referral/Registration (RR), Standard Visit (SV), Additional Visit (AV) and Client Not Seen Discharge (CNSD) for infants/children receiving follow-up services from their own HRIF Program. Data Users can generate and view the HRIF Summary and HRIF CCS Annual Reports.
  • Referral User: CCS-approved NICU and/or HRIF Program staff who refers HRIF eligible infants to a CCS HRIF Program and only has access to submit the “Referral/Registration (RR) Form”. Currently no access to generate or view reports.
  • NICU User: CCS-approved NICU staff (read-only access) generate and view NICU Summary Report.

* Please contact your IT department to request the “Public IP Address Ranges” used by the hospital's network. Submit a help ticket at and provide the ranges in the description. NOTE: Access is only authorized while connected to your organization’s network. Access from home or while traveling is not permitted. This is a new security procedure to enhance the security of the system.