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PQIP Subcommittee FAQs

Interested in joining one of the PQIP subcommittees? Below are some frequently asked questions that we often hear from people interested in a subcommittee appointment but curious about the time commitment. We hope the answers will help guide your decision-making. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is there a timeline for my decision? 

Not at all, your timeline is our timeline. We welcome folks on board at any point in time throughout the year AND we want to do what works best for you!  Anytime is a good time and we are very flexible.

What is the duration of the volunteer term?  

Although this is not outlined in our charter, many folks volunteer for a few years or keep on the committee until their schedule permits. We have several folks who have been on our subcommittees now for over 10 years.  We are blessed and lucky to have these clinicians and stakeholders passionate about our work!

What is the frequency and length of PQIP subcommittee meetings?  

All subcommittees meet monthly from 12 pm – 1 pm PDT via Zoom. Dates vary depending on the specific subcommittee.

Is the schedule posted well in advance? 

Yes, a calendar invite will be shared prior so that you can download and have these dates populated in your calendar

Are meetings in-person, virtual, or both? 

Subcommittee meetings are all virtual, via ZOOM, and always have been. 

Is it acceptable to use my personal cell phone and email or is a professional device and email required? 

Your personal cell phone and email are absolutely acceptable to use, no additional devices or email accounts are required.

How much e-mail interaction is anticipated? 

Typically, emails from the subcommittee co-chair or the chairperson come out at least twice per month.  These include an email a week before the meeting outlining the meeting and an email after the meeting with minutes and outlined follow-up tasks. Occasionally, additional emails are distributed around additional tasks or projects depending on involvement from various members of the team.

What is the typical time commitment for specified project/task force work? 

Depending on the project/task the time commitment varies (additional 30 mins - 1 hour/ month) and we allow the subcommittee members to determine timelines related to projects (unless there is an urgency to the task/project).  We realize and know members have other priorities and responsibilities that come first and we are grateful to our members for sharing their time and expertise.

Anything else you think I should consider to make the most informed decision? 

CPQCC is committed to getting more nurses involved in our work so that we can better connect with nurses throughout the state.  There is a great opportunity to collaborate with our existing nurses (and neonatologists) on our subcommittees and if it would be helpful, we can put you in touch with one of them.  Just reach out if you think that this would be valuable.