Delivery Room Management - Collaborative #3

“Babies only get one chance at birth. 
We owe them and their parents the very best start at life.”

Do You:
•    Have a busy delivery service?
•    Strive to provide the highest quality, evidence-based, consistent resuscitation of newborns?
•    Plan to train your staff about the latest 2010 NRP guideline changes?
•    Want to minimize your risk exposure around deliveries?
•    Want to learn about the state-of-the-art simulation-based training and video-review of neonatal resuscitation?

CPQCC/PQIP Collaborative Success
Recent CPQCC-led collaboratives were associated with significant improvements in breastfeeding rates for VLBW infants and marked reductions in catheter-associated bloodstream infections.

As a result of participating in this collaborative quality improvement process, facilities can expect the following benefits:

  • Evidence-based change package for reducing risks and improving outcomes of all infants requiring delivery room management.
  • Benchmarking, tracking and comparing data specific to your facility and those of similar level of care
  • Support in implementing changes to the Neonatal Resuscitation Program; and
  • Credit for participating Neonatologists toward QI requirements of ABP recertification


CPQCC Collaborative #3: (publication 10-20-14)

o   Decrease in hypothermia from 39% to 21%
o   Decreased delivery room intubation from 53% to 40%
o   Decreased delivery room surfactant from 37% to 20%