NICU QI 2.0 - Optimizing Length of Separation

The 2013 NICU QI 2.0 on Optimizing Length of Separation will give your center an opportunity to participate in several of the features of the full collaborative, including the evidence-based change package designed by the CPQCC expert panel and support in implementing these changes.  The main difference between "NICU QI" and the full collaborative will be that each center in "NICU QI" will implement the changes at the center level without participation in the exchange of insights and support among other participating centers that comes with the full Collaborative. The "NICU QI" centers will:

  1. Develop an aim statement using local QI expertise, similar to centers in the Collaborative.
  2. Have certain required data submission expectations such as primary outcome data and process metrics, which will be required to be entered into the CPQCC Extranet on a monthly basis.
  3. Have the opportunity for Neonatologists to be eligible for Part IV credit toward maintenance of certification through the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP).  

This program is being offered by CPQCC as part of its mission to improve the quality of neonatal care in California.   There will be no charge for participation by centers in "NICU QI 2.0" unless physician credit for ABP maintenance of certification is desired, in which case the fee is $500.