Project 2: An Optimal Data Display for Labor and Delivery

Maternal Display 

Labor and delivery units are acute care units where life’s most joyful moments transpire, but unfortunately it’s there too that adverse and sometimes tragic outcomes may occur. It can be challenging to assure that all providers caring for the mother and her baby during an emergency have all the necessary information.  In fact, a 2004 Sentinel Event Alert published by the Joint Commission indicated that communication errors in the delivery room were the primary root cause of 72% of neonatal mortalities and long-term neurologic morbidities. Therefore, the goal of this project is to explore an improved method to allow efficient sharing of information with all providers during an obstetrical crisis.

We will develop an interactive data display for labor and delivery. The information needed on the screen will be decided upon after conducting multiple interviews with labor and delivery nurses, obstetricians and obstetrical anesthesiologists. We will also be reviewing videos of simulated medical crises involving mothers and babies to identify communication gaps. Similar to the neonatal data display, we envision the maternal data display to be both visually informative and dynamic. We are also planning to incorporate a clinical decision tool to promote the efficient and timely care and prevent adverse outcomes.