Project 3: Improving Recognition of Maternal Clinical Deterioration

Study on Ways to Mitigate or Prevent Maternal Clinical Deterioration

Maternal morbidity and mortality are emerging national health care priorities, as both have been rising over the past two decades despite the fact that at least 40% of maternal mortality is considered preventable. Provider factors such as under-treatment and inappropriate treatment are strongly associated with the progression of morbidity to near-miss mortality and even maternal death.  Errors can have significant consequences for the health of the mother, the fetus/baby, or both.

This project focuses on developing robust systems for proactively identifying and mitigating maternal and maternal-fetal clinical deterioration. The project will use a design approach to conduct a rigorous problem analysis. The investigative team will then engage multiple stakeholders, including patients, in determining design objectives to develop technical solutions to improve clinical workflow processes. The final stage of the project will be to implement and evaluate the design solution(s) in a simulated environment and then in an actual labor and delivery unit.

Location-based Training Videos for Clinicians 

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Bluetooth, Beacon Locators for Equipment and Supplies

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