The Web-based Implementation for the Science of Enhancing Resilience (WISER) NICU Study

Co-PI: Jochen Profit, MD, MPH (Stanford University)
Co-PI: J. Bryan Sexton, PhD (Duke University)

The WISER program is an established but low-intensity yet engaging intervention, which integrates education and behavior modification to boost provider well-being and resilience in order to create an organizational environment which prevents patient harm. Developed by Dr. Sexton, the success of the NICU WISER Study could result in interventions to enhance resilience amongst NICU health professionals and promote their ability to cope and learn from stressful events, thus, providing safer care. Together with Dr. Sexton, Dr. Profit was awarded the first of its kind NIH R01 to study the efficacy of WISER in the NICU's high impact environment. 

To test the effectiveness of the WISER Program in the NICU setting, Drs. Profit and Sexton will be using a stepped-wedge mixed-methods randomized controlled trial (swRCT) at six tertiary care NICUs.  The results of this trial will also provide insights into the causal relations between health worker resilience, the organizational environment, and clinical outcomes among infants born VLBW. If successful, this proposal will represent a breakthrough for the neonatal patient safety movement and provide a model for scaling up nationally.

After completion of the initial randomized trial, the intervention will be available to individuals, work units, and hospitals in the beginning of 2017. Individuals or units can register now their non-binding interest in participation via the following link: