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QI Toolkit

Postnatal Steroid Administration

The Postnatal Steroid Administration Toolkit lays out best practices for decreasing chronic lung disease among VLBW infants. Rather than promoting adoption of a specific clinical practice, the Postnatal Steroid Administration Toolkit advocates for abandoning the use of postnatal steroids for treatment of chronic lung disease and hypotension in neonates. Postnatal steroids have been found to have significant effects on pulmonary and cardiovascular status, multiple acute side effects, and the potential for serious adverse effects on long-term outcomes.

Improving Discharge Management

VON’s Improving Discharge Management QI Toolkit describes five “potentially better practices” (PBPs) to improve the neonatal discharge process as well as, for each PBP, an aim, a measure, a list of suggested changes, and tips and tools for implementing changes that include potential barriers to implementation. The toolkit is based on the framework of the “Model for Improvement,” which was first developed by Associates for Process Improvement based on the teachings of W. Edwards Deming.  

Neonatal Hospital Acquired Infection Prevention

The Neonatal Hospital Acquired Infection Prevention Toolkit is designed to assist health care professionals in the prevention and management of neonatal hospital-acquired infections. It presents evidence-based guidelines from leading healthcare organization on addressing hospital-acquired infections and, where those guidelines reflect more of an orientation to challenges in providing care to adults, it supplies information that reflects neonatal perspectives, practices, and priorities. 


Archived Toolkits

The following quality improvement tools have been archived as updated resources have become available. We have included links to the most updated resources available on these topics below. 

Antenatal Corticosteroid Therapy Toolkit - Archived April 2021

Please refer to the following resources for updated guidance on this topic:


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