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NICU Discharge Summary Addendum

The clinical course of a neonate admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is summarized in the NICU discharge summary.  The readership for discharge summaries is largely pediatric primary care providers who provide and coordinate the majority of ongoing medical care for this population of patients.  Best practices suggest that support and reference information for the ongoing care of preterm infants and children are best communicated to the primary care provider in a discharge summary.

We have developed the NICU Discharge Summary Addendum as a word document that can be edited and customized by each NICU and included in discharge summaries of all premature infants. We have highlighted sections where customized information should be entered. The information contained in the NICU Discharge Summary Addendum is derived from the Primary Care for Preterm Infants & Children Toolkit

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September 2020