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Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

The California Perinatal Quality Care Collaborative is committed to improving the quality of care to California’s mothers and our most vulnerable infants.

CPQCC has upheld its original goal of blending academic and private neonatology into a common body politic, to partner with various private and public institutions that share the common goal of improving health care outcomes for mothers and babies in California. From conception to its current operations, it has been a "grass-roots," public-sensitive, business-savvy, academic-friendly mechanism that thrives as a result of the commitment and input of diverse stakeholders. As each of the constituencies grows increasingly satisfied with the outputs of CPQCC, all of California can be proud of what it is contributing to perinatal health care. Varied and sometimes disparate perspectives have been transformed into a common vision. Everyone stands to win when quality is coupled inextricably with accountability.

CPQCC Organization Structure