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In order to improve follow-up care for high-risk infants, CPQCC and CCS launched the web-based HRIF Reporting System in 2009, to collect and track data on HRIF clinics across California.  The reporting system helps:

  • HRIF clinics compare their activities with other clinics throughout the state and identify opportunities for quality improvement
  • NICUs reduce long-term morbidity by strengthening their ability to recognize and refer eligible patients to HRIF
  • CCS assess site-specific successes in follow-up care, as well as support real-time case management

By connecting the HRIF and NICU databases, CPQCC has helped California to become a leader in enhancing quality along the continuum of care for high-risk infants from birth through the first three years of life. The NICU-level HRIF Report allows hospitals to track outcomes for high-risk infants discharged from their NICU over the first three years of their lives. This provides the opportunity for NICUs to see the long-term effects of quality improvement projects.