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HRIF Data Resources

The resources below are designed to assist HRIF Data Contacts in abstracting and entering data into the HRIF Reporting System as efficiently and effectively as possible.  If you have a question regarding any of these resources, please submit a ticket through our Help Desk

Resources for entering data into the NICU Database can be found on the Data Resources page under NICU. 

HRIF Clinic Tools

Family Information Form 

The Family Information Form collects social-demographic information about HRIF patients and their families to determine the specific needs of this patient population and develop better standards of care for California HRIF Programs. 

Autism Screening Tools

Health Care Access and Information (HCAI) Facility ID (formerly OSHPD)

California Children Services (CCS) 

The Program Letter (P.L.) updates the Medical Eligibility criteria for HRIF under Section III, HRIF Eligibility, and reiterates policy and guidance for the HRIF Program’s diagnostic services, provider responsibilities, reporting requirements, and procedures for billing authorized services provided to HRIF-eligible neonates, infants, and children. This letter supersedes HRIF P.L. 01-1113, dated November 22, 2013.

CCS Manual of Procedures