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  • The NICU Database consists of two major data sets which house critical information on the care provided in member NICUs (NICU data set) as well as on acute transports in and out of these NICUs (transport data set). The data sets are organized by birth year.
  • These two data sets cover approximately 95% of the state’s very low birth weight infant population and form the backbone of all of the quality improvement and research activities that we undertake.
  • The NICU Database tracks episodes of care that begin within the first 28 days of life, known as the perinatal period.  Episodes of care starting on the 29th day of life or later are not tracked.
  • Data Contacts from our member hospitals enter data into our web-based system on a daily, quarterly, and annual basis. In June of each year, data from the previous calendar year is “closed” in a process called Data Finalization.