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Collaborate With Us

Our member hospitals have collected over a decade’s worth of data on California’s NICU and HRIF populations while our sister organization, CMQCC, has amassed significant data on maternity care. 

Do you have a research question that could be investigated using this data?  We invite you to collaborate with us on a project to ensure better outcomes for mothers and newborns everywhere. Our research priorities include disparities in maternal and neonatal care, understanding the culture and context for quality improvement, and maternal exposure/neonatal abstinence syndrome.

Applying to be a research collaborator

In order to be approved, a CPQCC investigator must be available to partner with you on the collaboration and must agree that your research question is scientifically sound.  A CPQCC biostatistician will generate the necessary data set for you and may provide ongoing guidance on your project. A research collaboration fee will be charged to cover the cost of these and additional resources needed to complete the project. Please see the section below for more information on the research collaboration fee. 

Below are a few things you should know about the research collaboration process.

  • There is no deadline for application; proposals are accepted on an ongoing basis.
  • Please submit your application at the beginning of the research process, before applying for external funding (if applicable). Please review the application instructions prior to submission.
  • Your application will be reviewed by our leadership team, as well as statewide leaders in quality improvement and maternal and neonatal care, when necessary. Proposals will be evaluated for scientific soundness, public health impact, alignment with the quality improvement purposes of CPQCC and CMQCC, research priorities, funding availability, and feasibility. Review of your proposal may take up to two months from the time of submission.
  • We expect you to complete your research within one year and to present or publish the results. You must acknowledge the CPQCC/CMQCC co-investigator as well as Stanford University, CPQCC, or CMQCC, as applicable.
  • You will be asked to submit a final report which includes a list of presentations, manuscripts, and/or publications that resulted from the research, upon completion.

Research Collaboration Fee

A research collaboration fee will be charged. The fee covers basic administrative costs for processing your application as well as investigator time spent reviewing your application and providing feedback on the research question, data analytics, preliminary findings, and publication development. This fee is only charged if your application is accepted.

An additional resource use fee may be charged if additional resources - such as biostatistician time for data preparation, data analysis, and manuscript preparation - are required for successful completion of the research collaboration.

Application form and instructions 

Your completed application should be emailed to  Please email any questions you have about the application process to the same address.