Welcome to CPQCC! We appreciate your willingness to participate in improving the care and outcomes for California's mothers and babies. As you may be aware, CPQCC is a group member of the Vermont Oxford Network (VON) and is partnering with VON to collect and analyze the data on newborns admitted to the NICU in California. When you join CPQCC, you are also a member of VON and receive the benefits of both organizations.

To become a CPQCC member, please follow the three steps listed below:

  1. Download TWO originals of the CPQCC Participant and Business Associate Agreement. Please have both signed and return the originals to the CPQCC office. We will sign both copies and return one copy to you for your records.
  2. Download the CPQCC/VON Contact Report. Please fill in as accurate and complete information as possible. We will use this information as we work with you in our performance measurement and improvement activities. 
  3. Download the CPQCC Membership Invoice. Please make sure to enter all required contact information in the auto-fill spaces as this will serve as your organization's membership invoice for the current data collection year. 

Please mail the "CPQCC Membership Contract Agreements", "CPQCC/VON Contact Report", and the "CPQCC Membership Invoice" to:

CPQCC Main Office

1265 Welch Road, MC: 5415

Stanford, CA 94305

Once we have received the above documents, your center will receive the New Member Orientation Letter and be assigned a CPQCC membership number. The CPQCC Data Center will work with your center to improve the quality of data collected and submitted. 

Welcome to the Collaborative. We look forward to working closely with you and to your participation in this exciting endeavor. For questions or further assistance please submit a CPQCC Help Desk Ticket at

Additional Information

  1. For information on the current year's membership fees, please download the CPQCC Membership Fee Notification Letter. This letter is frequently updated by the CPQCC staff to notify our membership of the annual fee for each upcoming year. This letter is for notification only and does NOT need to be submitted for membership.
  2. Download the following zipped file which will include all manuals, forms, and other materials for California Perinatal Quality Care Collaborative (CPQCC), California Perinatal Transport System (CPeTS), and High-Risk Infant Follow-up Quality Care Initiative (HRIF-QCI).