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OASCN Resources | Neonatal Sepsis Calculator

These resources were developed by the OASCN Collaborative between 2021-2022.

Relevant Didactics:

  • Use of Inflammatory Markers for Evaluating Early and Late Onset Sepsis (Bill Benitz): Slides | Video
  • Early onset sepsis in neonates: It’s all about the exam, baby! (Adam Frymoyer): Slides | Video

Relevant Learning Points:

Learning Point #21: The calculator is an effective tool and reduces unnecessary antibiotic use. However, it does not identify all cases of sepsis. Additional monitoring for sepsis cases is requiired when it's used.

Learning Point #21: The post-partum clinical portion of the calculator contributes the most weight to the ​risk estimate.

Learning Point #23: Integrating a multidisciplinary serial clinical examination workflow within routine care is important to ensure that monitoring occurs systematically, especially within the first 24 hours of life.
Learning Point #24: Several strategies can be used to successfully implement the calculator and serial clinical examinations, e.g., QI project, immediate adoption with education, or phased approaches.
Learning Point #25: The AAP guideline for ≥35 GA babies endorses the serial clinical exam approach alone, either with or without an estimation of neonatal or maternal risk factors for EOS.