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Linda Lefrak

Retired Neonatal Clinical Nurse Specialist and Nurse Consultant

Organization: California Department of Public Health, Healthcare Associated Infection Program, Benioff Children’s Hospitals Oakland and San Fr
Education: RN, MS

Linda Lefrak is a retired Clinical Nurse Specialist whose most recent work was with the California Department of Public Health. She received her BSN from Indiana University, her Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Certificate from the University of Arizona and her Master’s at the University of California San Francisco in the Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist Program. She was a member of the Vermont Oxford Neonatal Collaborative for a decade during her employment at Benioff Children’s Oakland and CPQCC during her employment at Benioff Children’s San Francisco. During her two years at Children’s Minnesota, she implemented a program to standardize Hand Off at the bedside with the family present at the Minneapolis and St. Paul hospitals.