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Maternal Substance Exposure (MatEx) Database- Introductory Webinar

Listen to this webinar about CPQCC's new Maternal Substance Exposure (MatEx) Database.

Substance exposure among pregnant women is on the rise. Yet there is limited information on the treatment and outcomes of mothers and newborns that have been exposed. In 2019, CPQCC launched a maternal substance exposure data collection pilot project to improve understanding of this critical public health issue.  By collecting data on all maternal substance exposures (including but not limited to opioids), we aim to improve healthcare for infants exposed in-utero by focusing on treatment and length of stay in the hospital. This data will be used to drive improvement in the care provided to exposed infants through a range of reports designed to help hospitals identify areas of high and low performance, monitor the effects of improvement interventions, and conduct research that advances the quality of care.

For more information, visit our MatEx Database page

Jun 24, 2019, 1:00pm to 2:00pm
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