Data Finalization

CPQCC is responsible for all data finalization procedures for its member hospitals. To assist CPQCC Members in meeting the CPQCC Network and the Vermont Oxford Network’s goals for complete, accurate and timely submission of yearly records, please reference the 2017 Data Finalization Guidelines and the CPQCC Close-Out Check List.

Data Finalization Timeline

January 8th by 11:59 PM 

Submit data for inclusion in the Fourth Quarterly Report.

February 1st

Submit a help ticket to schedule a data review (optional).

March 15th

Submit all April 1st deliverables to qualify for the Superstar Recognition Award.

April 1st by 11:59 PM

  • Submit data for all eligible infants.
  • Submit the CCS Supplemental Form.
  • Review the Draft CCS Report for accuracy and completeness.
  • Submit the Review/Confirmation of IDs Submitted & Confirmation of CPQCC conditions form.
  • Update and submit your on-line CPQCC Contact Report (#7 in the 2017 Close-Out Check List).
  • Submit the Contact Change form ONLY if there are any changes to the Hospital Name or the Report Contact person.
  • Submit the on-line VON Membership Survey.

June 1st by 11:59 PM

  • Resolve the Data Consistency Report - Duplicates and Re-encounters.
  • Validate the Confirmed Unknown Report.
  • Each submitted record must be complete and accurate.
  • For CCS-approved NICUs, refer all CCS/CPQCC HRIF-QCI.
  • Submit all eligible infants discharged home from my NICU to the CCS/CPQCC HRIF-QCI Program.

June 2nd by 11:59 PM

  • Confirm the Final CCS Report for the Early Bird Recognition Award
  • June 2nd 3 PM until June 7th 11:59 PM
  • The Final CCS Report must be confirmed for accuracy and completeness.

June 7th 

The electronic receipt of the Data Finalization Status Report.