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QI Tools & Guidelines developed by CPQCC Teams

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Updated: November 17, 2023


Guidelines for Perinatal Management of the Extremely Premature Infant during the First Week of Life

Authors: Nicole, J. Kraus, DO; Aprille Febre, MD; Anamika Banerji, MD; Munaf Kadri, MD; Andrew Hopper, MD; Vikash Agrawal, MD; Benjamin Harding, MD; Brad Cacho, MD; Antonie Meixel, MD; Douglas Deming, MD; Douglas Carbine, MD; Elba Fayard, MD; Farha Vora, MD; Yoginder Singh, MD; and Raylene Phillips, MD from Loma Linda University School of Medicine Division of Neonatology.



The tools shared on this page were developed by individual CPQCC member hospitals, either during their participation in a CPQCC QI collaborative or for their own internal QI purposes. We understand that every hospital works with a different set of resources and constraints. As such, some of the tools presented on this page may not directly apply to your hospital setting. The tools and guidelines presented here should be adapted to fit your local needs.
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November 2023