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PDSA Worksheet

This PDSA Worksheet is intended to help you think through and document your Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) Cycles as you test change ideas. Doing small, iterative tests of change using a PDSA cycle is one of the central components of all quality improvement work.

HIE Calculator (Cool Tool)

The HIE Calculator is intended to promote the identification and early referral of babies at risk for hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE). It does not determine if a baby should be cooled. The decision to proceed with cooling should only be made after consultation with a Regional Cooling Center (CCS numbered letter), based upon their institutional criteria.

NICU Discharge Summary Addendum

The clinical course of a neonate admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is summarized in the NICU discharge summary.  The readership for discharge summaries is largely pediatric primary care providers who provide and coordinate the majority of ongoing medical care for this population of patients.  Best practices suggest that support and reference information for the ongoing care of preterm infants and children are best communicated to the primary care provider in a discharge summary.

Congenital Syphilis

Congenital syphilis can be transmitted from mother to infant during pregnancy and/or delivery and can cause severe complications including premature birth, low birth weight, birth defects, blindness, hearing loss, stillbirth and infant death. California has experienced a steep increase in syphilis infection among pregnant women in recent years and a subsequent rise in the number of cases of congenital syphilis among infants. 

NICU Site Visit Guide

The NICU Site Visit Guide aims to help healthcare providers evaluate the care delivery context within their NICU. The guide is intended to stimulate inquiry into how care is delivered and allow for reflection and discussion on the conditions required for delivering high-quality NICU care. While using the guide, providers are encouraged to walk-through the NICU, participate in rounds, observe interactions between staff/families, converse with a reasonably broad cross-section of NICU staff (leadership as well as bedside MDs, NNPs, RNs) and assess the unit across multiple domains (e.g.

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