CPQCC Data Center

The CPQCC Data Center works closely with the  CPQCC Executive Committee, the Perinatal Quality Improvement Panel (PQIP), the Vermont Oxford Network (VON), the California Perinatal Transport System (CPeTS), and the California Children's Services (CCS) in developing and maintaining the CPQCC Network Database as a perinatal tool for quality improvement. We are also guided by the valuable recommendations from our Data Center Advisory Group and our dedicated Data Contacts.

The CPQCC Perinatal Data System is an integrated data management system that facilitates the identification of important perinatal improvement targets, and monitors the public health effects of planned interventions such as system changes, medical treatments, and/or care behavior modification. The involvement of our stakeholders has assisted in the improvement of quality perinatal data collected in California. The implementation of quality improvement activities assures that all Californians benefit from improved perinatal outcomes. CPQCC is a true public health initiative

Important Milestones

In 2005, we streamlined the data collection process by merging the Small Baby dataset (Very Low Birth Weight database) with the Big Baby dataset (Severe Acuity database) into one All Baby dataset.  

In 2007, following the success of our Paperless Initiative, we transitioned to an entirely paperless data submission process. Today 90% of our members submit data on-line, while another 10% submit electronic data files to the Data Center.

In 2009, we initiated a Superstar Center Award to recognize Centers who put forth extra effort to complete the April 1st deliverables two weeks prior to the deadline.  Today, we provide five awards to acknowledge the efforts of our members to meet the data deliverables.

In 2014, We released the CPQCC Help Desk, our new ticket system which is currently being used to serve as our customer support platform. 

In 2015, we transitioned to an entirely electronic data finalization submission process by releasing the 2014 Close-out Check List in www.cpqccdata.org.  Our members are able to track the 12 activities required for data finalization, along with the deadlines and resources.