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Neonatal Transport

CPQCC and its partner, the California Perinatal Transport System (CPeTS), collect and analyze data on all acute transports of critically ill neonates in and out of member NICUs in an effort to improve the quality and efficiency of neonatal transport in California. CPeTS also maintains an updated daily bed availability status for all CCS-approved NICUs across the state. 


Neonates included in the transport data set must meet CPQCC's NICU Database criteria as well as all of the following transport criteria:

  • The infant is being transported into a NICU or another inpatient setting where care is provided by the NICU medical team
  • The transport is attended by a transport team or care provider (Neonatologist, Nurse Practitioner, etc.) from either the sending or receiving hospital NICU, PICU, or contract transport service. Unattended basic life support (BLS) transport or transport by private car or the family does not qualify. 
  • The infant is being transported to a higher or equal level of care

Neonates who are transferred for the following reasons are not eligible for entry into the transport database:

  • Transported solely for feeding and growing or hospice care 
  • Transferred within a facility (e.g. from the ER to the NICU)
  • Readmitted to the NICU directly from home or by the primary care provider 
  • Transported at the request of the parents for reasons of convenience 
  • Transported solely for insurance, bed availability, or staffing/census reasons 
  • Not attended by a transport team 
  • Transported to a lower level of care
  • Not admitted to the NICU service 
  • Transported after 28 days of life