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Improving Outcomes for NICU Families with a Non-English Language of Preference

Join our third IP2022 Conversation Circle on Improving Outcomes for NICU Families with a Non-English Language of Preference (NELP)!

Research shows disparities in infant outcomes for families with a non-English language of preference. Join this multidisciplinary webinar to gain insight into how you can take actionable steps to reduce these disparities and learn about materials you can share with your unit. We will discuss new CPQCC data on languages of preference and interpreter use in the NICU and specific evidence-based recommendations you and your colleagues can implement immediately to advance health equity in the NICU.

Webinar attendees will be provided with a resource bundle for reducing disparities for families with a NELP that includes videos, NICU family badge templates, flyers for families, and playlists with NICU-educational videos in Spanish. This webinar will train attendees on what the research suggests regarding steps to reduce disparities and how to share these critical resources with others for greater impact.

This webinar is co-sponsored by CPQCC's Within the NICU Health Equity and Education Subcommittees. 

   View & Download Resource Bundle


Additional Video Resources:

  • IMIA Increasing Public Awareness, public service video showcasing the importance of interpreters in the NICU
  • In their Own Words, featuring highlights of interviews with California NICU family members on their experience of being in the NICU with a non-English language of preference
Jan 31, 2023, 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Additional materials: