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Provider Burnout

Burnout impacts one out of three healthcare workers. It can negatively impact both an individual’s sense of well-being and their ability to provide the best possible care to their patients. CPQCC is collaborating with the Duke Patient Safety Center to implement a web-based intervention program called WISER, designed to reduce health worker burnout and improve patient safety in the NICU. 

The WISER Program

The “Web-based Implementation of the Science of Enhancing Resilience” Program, or WISER, uses evidence-based tools to combat burnout, to promote resilience, and to enhance the ability of health professionals to cope with and learn from stressful events.

Participants in the program receive daily text messages with links to videos on scientifically proven strategies to combat burnout – such as cultivating gratitude, taking note of awe-inspiring moments throughout the day, and performing acts of kindness – as well as short resilience activities to put those strategies into practice. 

An initial pilot study of the WISER program implemented in six tertiary care NICUs showed significant reductions in burnout (11-16%), depression (4-14%), and work-life imbalance (15-18%). 

Interested in WISER?

The WISER program is being implemented by The Profit Lab under the direction of Dr. Jochen Profit, CPQCC Chief Scientific Officer and Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Stanford University. For more information, please contact Sanary Lou, Program Manager at The Profit Lab.

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