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Ten Point Nine QI Team

The Ten Point Nine QI Team Award honors a NICU team that has made significant contributions to quality improvement within their unit. Roughly 50% of CPQCC NICUs have an average daily census (ADC) of less than 11. CPQCC's Ten Point Nine Workgroup was formed in 2020 to support these NICUs and their unique challenges. The winner of the Ten Point Nine QI Team Award will receive a plaque to commemorate receiving this honor and a scholarship to attend CPQCC's Improvement Palooza. 

Some characteristics to consider when nominating a NICU QI team for the Ten Point Nine QI Team Award include:

  • CPQCC NICU with an ADC of less than 11 in the past year
  •  NICU QI team has contributed significantly to their unit’s improvement efforts
  • NICU has made tangible changes to processes with a demonstrable impact
  • There is no need for the QI work to be previously published or presented; CPQCC will provide a platform for the team to share its work