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Improvement Palooza 2023


CPQCC’s fourth annual Improvement Palooza ("IP2023") is designed to help teams reap the benefits of restoration and understand how it leads to more successful teamwork in the NICU. Throughout the day, attendees will learn how positivity and resilience impact NICU teams, patients, and families.

Held in conjunction with the 2023 CAN Cool Topics in Neonatology Meeting, CPQCC’s Improvement Palooza 2023 is an opportunity for NICU caregivers and parents to build an environment in partnership that reduces stress and burnout and promotes patient safety and staff wellbeing. By the end of the conference, you will feel refreshed and inspired to make equitable, innovative and high quality changes in your NICU. Stay tuned for more details and learn more about previous IP events

Keynote Speakers

Erik Ridout, MD | 8:15 AM | Teamwork in the NICU

Erick is a neonatologist with expertise in Lean methodology and is passionate about embracing the principles of servant leadership and team-based patient-centered care and strategies for promoting positive teamwork in the NICU.



Adrienne McIntyre, MSN, CNS, RNC-NIC | 8:45 AM | Empowering, Leading & Guiding NICU Teams

Adrienne is a California nurse leader, committed to operational excellence and service delivery, with 20 years of clinical expertise in Maternal Child Health around how to empower, lead, and guide teams in the NICU.


2023 Schedule

Breakout Sessions

Mar 3, 2023, 8:00am to 4:00pm