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All NICU Admissions Database

Starting December 2017, we have begun offering our members the ability to track all infants admitted into their NICU through an optional All NICU Admissions Database. This database is separate from the main NICU Database. All babies admitted to the NICU, for any reason, are eligible for entry into the All NICU Admissions Database; unlike the main NICU Database, there are no other criteria for entry. 

The All NICU Admissions Database allows you to do any or all of the following:

  • Enter infant data directly
  • Import CPQCC-eligible infants from the main NICU Database
  • Upload infant data from a .csv file.
  • Partially populate the CCS Form which is required by the State of California, making completion of the form easier and quicker

Participation in the All NICU Admissions Database is voluntary.  


  • More accurate data on NICU admissions volume on NICU Reports Site
  • More accurate volume and control charts on NICU Reports Site for items that are required to be entered for all infants (e.g. infant deaths completely reported for the first year of life relative to all NICU admissions)
  • Allows use of all NICU admissions as a denominator for Big Baby metrics
  • Automatic population of several sections of the annual CCS Form, including NICU deaths after day 28, inborn NICU admits by GA, cumulative initial LOS, total number of IM or IV antibiotic NICU days, and number of central line days by birth weight
  • Provides the ability to track infants who are not eligible for entry into the main NICU Database but affect a NICU’s resource use