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2021 Improvement Palooza: Advancing Anti-Racism in the NICU Through Teamwork and Family-Centeredness

CPQCC’s second annual Improvement Palooza was designed to help NICUs understand how racism impacts health care teams, patients, and families and identify concrete solutions to address these challenges using quality improvement principles. Held in conjunction with the California Association of Neonatologist (CAN)'s 2021 Cool Topics in Neonatology Meeting, CPQCC’s 2021 Improvement Palooza was intended to kickstart the journey towards anti-racism in the NICU with a focus on teamwork and family-centeredness.

Continue the journey towards anti-racism in the NICU with the following opportunities:


Improvement Palooza 2021 was jointly provided by



Mar 5, 2021, 8:00am to 4:00pm