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OASCN Resources | Neonatal Pneumonia

These resources were developed by the OASCN Collaborative between 2021-2022.

Relevant Didactics:

  • Naming the Problem That Underpins “Rule-out Sepsis” - The Need for Bayesian Thinking by Joseph Schulman): Slides | Video
  • Duration of Empiric Antibiotic Therapy for Neonatal Sepsis: How much is Enough? by Ken Zangwill: Slides | Video

Relevant Learning Points:

Learning Point #33: Diagnosis of neonatal pneumonia can be challenging. No robust data in newborns, but in older children X-ray findings will persist well beyond 1 day if true pneumonia.

Learning Point #34: If treated, optimal duration of therapy pneumonia is not known. One large and high-quality stewardship study showed no harm in treating for 5 days, assuming the clinical course is acceptable.