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OASCN Resources | Syphilis

These resources were developed by the OASCN Collaborative between 2021-2022.

Relevant Didactics:

  • Syphilis, Stewardship, and Assessing Algorithms (Ken Zangwill): Slides | Video

Relevant Learning Points:

Learning Point #48: Always call your health dept to get (perhaps) more accurate/complete data on mom’s RPR & treatment. May find out that mom got too much PCN for her disease stage (1 dose v 3 doses). This might move the conclusion from “possible” to “less likely/unlikely” in the baby.

Learning Point #49: Think hard if mom might be serofast which may allow for NOT starting antibiotic (moves from “less likely” to “unlikely”). Serofast means resolution of infection, but with a demonstrable low yet persistent RPR titer (typically <1:8).

Learning Point #50: Baby allergic to PCN? Desensitize (to avoid use of ceftriaxone alternative).