CPQCC/CMQCC Research Collaboration

CPQCC’s data and quality improvement activities provide a rich opportunity for research that can have wide reaching clinical and public health impact.  There are opportunities for clinical, epidemiologic, and translational research using both quantitative and qualitative methods, and studies in implementation and dissemination.  There are also expanding opportunities for CPQCC data linkage to maternal, transport, and follow-up clinic data.  Furthermore, CPQCC provides opportunities for graduate students and fellows to apply for training opportunities in quality improvement research.  The CPQCC research collaboration application process also extends to collaboration with CMQCC and HRIF.

The goal of research collaboration is to further enable CPQCC and CMQCC to improve quality of care and health outcomes for mothers and newborns.  Collaboration projects must be consistent with the quality improvement purposes of CPQCC and CMQCC.  

Application for Research Collaboration

Proposals for research collaboration are accepted on a rolling basis.  Applicants should submit their research proposal at the outset of their research planning activities and when applicable, in advance of submitting any grant proposals to external funders.  Research proposals will be reviewed by CPQCC, CMQCC, HRIF leaders, and in some cases, by invited statewide leaders in quality improvement in maternal and neonatal care (dependent on the type of research).  Proposals will be reviewed based on a critical evaluation of the scientific soundness of the proposal, implications for public health, CPQCC and CMQCC priorities, level of funding, and likelihood of personnel to be able to complete the proposal.  Approved projects are scheduled based on resource needs and availability.  The fee for collaboration is determined by the goals of the study, alignment with the priorities of CPQCC/CMQCC, and the CPQCC/CMQCC resource requirements.

Investigators are expected to complete their research within one year and present or publish the results of the research.  The research must acknowledge the CPQCC/CMQCC investigator as well as Stanford University, CPQCC, or CMQCC as applicable.  At the end of the collaboration, the collaborator will submit a final report which includes a list of presentations, manuscripts, and/or publications. 


Application Instructions and Form:

Please submit the Application Form to Janine Bergin at research@cpqcc.org and allow two weeks for notification of receipt.